About TCA
Thursday, August 29, 2013 12:33 PM

The Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA) is the essential voice for chiropractic in Texas. It provides protection and state-wide advocacy for chiropractors. Your ability to legally practice is at the forefront of the association’s goals and is one of the huge benefits provided to TCA members. The Texas Chiropractic Association works hard to advocate the position that the citizens of Texas should have adequate access to the health care of their choice and to insure that Doctors of Chiropractic have suitable representation in the decision-making agencies of the government.

Additionally, each year members are offered information, education and networking to those who have joined in supporting chiropractic in the great state of Texas. The TCA supports the statutory authority of the individual practitioner to examine, analyze and or diagnose the living human body by any method taught by an accredited chiropractic college and to make use of any method of examination or therapeutics taught by any accredited chiropractic college that is within the legal scope of chiropractic practice. We incorporate that education into our continuing education courses.

The TCA is governed by an elected, voting board of  directors and  is served by numerous dedicated committees and volunteers.

Who is TCA? 

TCA is more than 1,600 members across the Lone Star State from Abbot to Zephyr. While practicing chiropractors make up most of the membership base, other stakeholders such as Affiliate Members, Associate Educators and even chiropractic spouses & family members are represented too! We invite you to have a voice in the chiropractic profession of Texas. There is a place for all.