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In August 1908 Willard Carver purchases Denny’s interest in the Carver-Denny Kiropractic College and it becomes the Carver Chiropractic College, “the first substantial competitor to B. J. Palmer and the Palmer Chiropractic School.”  These two competitors would be the source for most of the doctors drifting southward into Texas from the early 1900s to the 1920s. 

In 1908 the honorary degree of PhC ("Philosopher of Chiropractic") was first awarded in 1908.  This was an honorary degree awarded to doctors of chiropractic by chiropractic colleges, especially by Palmer College of Chiropractic. The requirements for this honorary degree transitioned from its inception in 1908 until it demise in 1968, and included: high chiropractic academic achievement, postgraduate chiropractic philosophic coursework, or writing a 15,000 word essay regarding chiropractic philosophy. *

Dr. Clyde Keeler of Dallas continues his studies at Carver Chiropractic College in March, 1908.  He will graduate July, 1910 with his D.C. and Ph.C. Degrees.

In September 1908 a San Antonio newspaper runs a short article on chiropractic and Harvy Lillard’s recovery.  Dr. J. N. Stone,  D.C., M.T., D.O., PsC, M.S. founds the Chiropractic College of San Antonio in the Central Office Building (the 4 story building at left) and presides until 1913. He and his wife, Ida C. Stone, practiced in San Antonio as "Kiro-Practic Spinal Masseurs" and "Nerve Specialists.”   





They practiced together in the 5 story tall Conroy Building just down from the Alamo Plaza.

A graduate of the Carver-Denny Kiropractic College in Oklahoma City, J.N. Stone was a friend of broad-scope practitioners Alva Gregory, M.D., D.C. and Joe Shelby Riley, D.O., D.C., president and vice-president respectively, of the Palmer-Gregory College of Chiropractic in Oklahoma City. Stone's friendly relationship with Willard Carver, LL.B., D.C. is reinforced by the fact that Carver listed "Dr. J.N. Stone, Guthrie, Oklahoma" as endorsing his application for membership in the Association of Independent Doctors, dated December 31, 1908. Stone was also on friendly terms with B.J. Palmer, D.C.

Since its inception, the Texas College had a one-year of study, but by 1910 the course of study embraces 36 subjects and two and one half years of study without a vacation period.

John A. Kent D.C., future Keeler Plaque recipient, a founder of the Oklahoma Chiropractic University (later to become the PalmerGregory Chiropractic College) in 1907, went to Chicago in 1908 where he founded the Kent College of Chiropractic in October, 1909.  This college was in operation until the beginning of World War I in 1913, and Kent remained in private practice in Chicago until 1918.

Dr. William D. Harper, future Keeler Plaque recipient and President of Texas Chiropractic College, was born in Big Spring, Texas, November 28, 1908.

Also in 1908 the Geiger counter to measure radioactivity is invented by Hans Geiger; and Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company introduces the Ford Model T.

*  During the 1960s the Ph.C. was awarded indiscriminately and requirements for achievement were not maintained. In 1968 the Council on Chiropractic Education officially denounced recognition of this award and opposed its use.

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