Chiropractic Heritage and History

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D. D. Palmer teaches 4 chiropractic students. 

B. J. Palmer graduates chiropractic school at age 20. 

D. D. decides to go to the Pacific Coast moving all furnishings from the 21 room Ryan Block Sanitarium to Portland, Oregon.

Willard Carver, sick with typhoid fever, goes to Davenport for D. D. to treat him, but with D. D. having moved to Portland, B. J. assumes the case and treats him for several weeks.

Willard Carver’s “Uncle Howard Nutting” came to B. J.’s rescue refurbishing the Ryan Block Sanitarium.  B. J. took over the business, practice, sanitarium and school and  and "many debts” left behind by D.D. Palmer.

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Friday, September 04, 2015 07:25 AM

D. D. Palmer teaches 5 chiropractic students: Solon M. Langworthy,  Allan Raymond, Thomas H. Storey, H. Ray Stouder, E.E. (Lee) Sutton.

Dr. Solon M. Langworthy, a 1901 graduate, established the Langworthy School of Chiropractic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that later becomes the American Chiropractic College.

In 1901 the Texas legislature repealed all existing laws on medical practice and divided the field into three parts – medical, eclectic and homeopathic.

July 18, 1901  – A. E. COSTON, D.C. is born in Cranfills Gap, Texas.  Both his father and grandfather were practicing physicians.  He will receive the Keeler Plaque for chiropractic service.

The Palmer School of Magnetic Cure, initiated in the summer of 1896, in 1901 becomes known as "Dr. Palmer's Chiropractic School & Cure.”

In 1901, Palmer was still teaching the first of the several theories of chiropractic he eventually offered. This initial set of hypotheses and assumptions comprised a decidedly mechanistic view. Palmer likened the human body to a fine watch and identified himself as a "human mechanic" (Palmer, 1897). This first chiropractic theory, a derivative of his nine years of practice as a magnetic, proposed that inflammation (which Palmer saw as the essential characteristic of dis-ease).

Palmer was not yet exclusively concerned with bones-pinching-nerves, Old Dad Chiro would manipulate to adjust any displaced anatomy he found, including arteries, veins, nerves, muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. The range of patient conditions Palmer accepted for treatment (his terminology at the time) was as broad as A.T. Still's osteopathy, although the theoretical bases for these two manipulative arts were distinctly different.

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D. D. Palmer teaches 4 chiropractic students: Christianson; O. B. Jones; Minora Paxson; and H.H. Reiring.

September 8 A powerful hurricane hits Galveston, Texas, USA killing about 8,000.

September 20 – Julius C. Troilo, future Dean of TCC, is born in San Antonio.

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D. D. Palmer teaches 5 chiropractic students:  (Mrs.) J. C. Bowman; M. P. Brown, MD; Helen DeLendrence; Ralph (Thomas) Graham; Oakley G. Smith (Dr. Oakley Smith, an osteopathic student and early chiropractor established Naprapathy in the 1900s)

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In 1898 D. D. Palmer teaches LeRoy Baker enough chiropractic to treat his injuries from an accident at a railroad crossing.  Other students of D. D. Palmer in 1898 include:  W. A. Crawford; Andrew P. Davis, MD, DO; B. O. Morse, L. W. Roberts, DO.

January 15, 1898 – William Ambrose Seeley MD, a homeopathic physician, paid D. D. Palmer $500.00 cash for a period of instruction covering 8 to 10 weeks, and he goes in the history books as the first paying student of chiropractic.  The occasion marks the beginning of the first chiropractic college.

Andrew P. Davis, MD, DO, DC, OPH.D may very well be the first chiropractic doctor in Texas.

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D. D. Palmer listed as a member of the faculty of the Independent Medical College of Chicago during 1897-98 

D.D. Palmer writes:  If Health Boards were what their name implies, they would utilize some of their fondness for law by getting out injunctions against manufacturers of anti-toxin, instead of endeavoring to force this dangerous fad upon us...We are sick and tired of the monopoly of drugs and the ruling of medicine, which are at best only a speculative guess-work...Surgeons have studied the mechanical construction of man, medical men have studied everything else but man...Physicians pour drugs of which they know but little into bodies of which they know less... Laws should be made to protect the people, not a particular class or school.

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D. D. Palmer incorporated his thriving, 40-bed facility on the fourth floor of the Ryan building as the Palmer School of Magnetic Cure in the summer of 1896, where he also trained a few individuals in the new healing art of chiropractic, although never more than three at a time.

Willard Carver "although having no practical contact with patients, had decided to announce a system of healing...the system of Relatolity...a system involving some form of manipulation, massage and psychology ...."  January 1, 1896, was the date planned by Willard Carver to announce a new system of healing to the world – the system of “Relatolity."  

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September 18, 1895 – D. D. Palmer successfully adjusted the spine of Harvey Lillard.  Palmer was 50 years old.

B. J. Palmer is 13 years old.  He drops out of school.

September 24, 1895 – D. D. Palmer writes Willard Carver describing the first adjustment in detail.  The letter is lost to history.

Late Fall 1895 – D. D. Palmer has developed four methods of adjusting the vertebrae of the spine.

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1894 to 1895 – Having discussed anatomy, physiology, and healing extensively with D. D. Palmer for about a decade, Willard Carver decides to announce a new system of healing and made plans to announce it to the world on January 1, 1896.
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An amendment of the Texas Medical Association’s constitution in 1893 permitted membership to female physicians, but not to black doctors.  
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